Graphic design is a visual language of communication. This is the main tool used to make your company’s messages visually understandable, eye-catching and interesting. The designed materials of your company are usually the ones that create the first contact with customers and make an impression – an this impression must be good. They can include well and clearly designed advertisements or posters, the shop environment, booklet or another environment that really catches the eye. Different materials, channels and templates require different approaches.

Illustrations or photos and text are usually parts of design. We will find a solution that corresponds to the idea and suggest the style of photos or illustrations, make them and, if necessary, organise a photo shoot. Every design comes with clear and understandable text, which we will also help you create. We will take your company’s earlier materials and style guide into account when we create the design.

We consider the volume of the necessary work when pricing a design. Whether it’s a single advert or something bigger – the assignments are different and require different approaches. At the start of each project, we assess the volume of the work and then make our proposals and the initial quote.

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