Every inch of media space used must generate benefits for the company, which is why we help you choose the most efficient and effective media channels for communicating the messages of your marketing campaigns. When we prepare your media strategy, we keep in mind that it must help you achieve your business goals to the full.

We take the different technical solutions and options of media channels into account when developing the creative concept. We have our inhouse know-how and extensive experience in planning media spaces in all areas. This allows us to achieve the best solutions on TV and radio, in newspapers, cinemas, outdoor media and online.

“The beauty of media planning is that instead of volume, media spaces are selected on the basis of the target group’s values and preferences under my guidance,” explains media team leader Kert Aavik.

We also plan the everyday media needs of the company, work with possible offers and constantly analyse and monitor the situation.

Kert Aavik

Media team leader

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