Our brain processes visuals 60 thousand times faster than texts and an audiovisual work can make us feel different emotions, but texts give us more knowledge. Every day, people watch over 4 billion videos on Facebook alone. Posted images generate 87% more interactions. People get more than 90% of information via images and sound. An effective video clip can make the viewers act, identify themselves with the content, think and buy.

Video clips allow you to quickly communicate the messages currently on your agenda as well as to roll out a story that captivates the viewers’ senses of vision and hearing. It’s not just a message, but the next chapter in the brand’s image.

The work of the production team of La Ecwador Studio starts with the idea and strategy, which lead to the preparation of the script, production plan and vision for effective dissemination. It’s important for us to clarify what the customer wants to achieve with the clip. What do we want to invoke with the video, audio clip or photo? Based on the input, we prepare the message in audiovisual language by carefully selecting the most suitable instrument for creating an emotional connection with your brand in your customers.

“Don’t just talk about your brand or message in the clip – tell a story that moves people.”

– Kaire Russ, Head of La Ecwador Studio

La Ecwador Studio has specialised in the creation of advertising clips, social media videos, radio and audio clips, podcasts and photos. The inhouse photo and sound studio allows us to complete the entire process resource-efficiently and quickly, and effective and working solutions for the achievement of your brand’s objectives are prepared in cooperation with advertising and communications experts and the creative unit.

Mairi Talving

Studio team leader
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