Digital marketing has become the cornerstone of marketing and its importance keeps increasing. For good reason, as the digital approach makes it possible to reach target groups in the most unprecedented, personalised and cost-effective ways.

The number of digital solutions is growing every day – 3D, automated advertisements, content that is interactive and created by users themselves – to name just a few. But what should we focus on when there are so many channels and options?

There is no doubt that content creation is the favourite phrase of digital marketers today, but what kind of content should you create when the trends change every couple of months? No problem! The digital team has the necessary skills and tools that help them navigate the unforgiving digital landscape and always find the best solution to every problem.

The implementation of exceptional ideas requires specific knowledge and every member of our digital team has it.

Rezete Karu

Digital team lead
+372 59 09 16 88

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