Rumour has it that time is running out for printed matter. We do not think so. It’s a fact that displaying a product in a client newsletter increases its sales six times!

The print team manages, designs and organises everything that concerns your company’s marketing via printed matter and POS materials. Our professional designers and layout artists also help you with their advice in addition to creating the design.

“Experience and know-how allow us to advise you in every single detail, from the selection of paper to the most optimal print format,” says print team leader Maiken Veskimäe.

We’re responsible for ensuring that client newsletters, posters, POS materials and other printed advertising materials are designed, sent to the printers and distributed in a timely manner. We have extensive experience with POS materials created for campaigns and their special solutions as well as with promotional gifts, yearbooks and corporate publications.

Maiken Veskimäe

Print team leader
+372 506 22 67

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