Irrespective of whether your company’s corporate visual identity is clearly defined with design rules or it hasn’t even been created yet, we will help you create an eye-catching solution that makes you stand out among the competitors. The existing identity is the framework that we follow when we determine the visual concept of your yearbook, introductory brochure or printed materials introducing various services.

All of the printed materials produced by a company with its logo contribute to the creation of the company’s image. Special attention must be given to design to ensure that the printed materials represent the values and emotions defined with the brand strategy of your company. The further design process is easier once the uniform concept of the printed materials has been established, as the rules the designer has to follow have already been set. This way, the uniform visual language of the company’s printed materials is kept even if the people responsible for them change.

In the first stage, we listen to the customer’s requests and expectations, and review the company’s brand strategy. We then offer three design solutions, which showcase the style of photos, the layout and colour solution and include recommendations on which paper to use and which printing solutions to choose.

You can see and touch the different paper and printing options used to create your materials when we present the drafts to you. Then, we develop the final solution on the basis of the drafts selected by the customer.

The price of the visual concept of printed materials depends on whether the concept is needed for one-off material (e.g. a yearbook), a single type of material (e.g. client newsletter) or for all of the printed materials of the company

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