La Ecwador is a marketing and advertising agency in Tallinn, which was established in 1997. With our five specialised teams, we offer complete solutions of marketing, advertising and communication activities. Our focus is on the achievement of the business and strategic objectives of our clients via creativity.

Every day, the agency is at the service of companies that are the leaders in their respective business areas – Circle K Eesti, K-rauta, Rimi, Koduekstra, Nõo Lihatööstus, Liviko, Mamma, Aatrium, Balbiino.

Agentuuri tegevjuht Heily Aavik ja Loovjuht Taavi Lehari

The name of the agency refers to the equator or the connecting line between two sides: the client and the consumer; the company and the target group; the state and the individual. The equator does a full circle around the earth – we circumvent the marketing and communication landscape. We’re always in the middle, always the connecting link and the guiding light in the endless space of creativity. La Ecwador’s meaningful and strategic cooperation with its partners has propelled the agency to the first position in the Äripäev Marketing TOP twice – the most successful advertising agency in Estonia in 2002 and 2019.

Every day, we work hard to set the bar high and be the best role model in our field. Understanding the specifics of the business, requests and goals of our clients and the real factors is important to us. Working solutions can only be created as a result of thorough cooperation that is rooted in trust.

Heily Aavik, the founder and CEO of the agency, has been keeping La Ecwador on the course of stable growth since 1997. There have been tens, even hundreds of different players on the Estonian market of advertising agencies, who have appeared and disappeared as a result of various crises and changes. La Ecwador is an independent advertising agency, which does not belong in any foreign chain and which is led and managed by one of the most experienced and successful specialists on the local marketing landscape.

“Business is constantly changing and setting increasingly tougher challenges to marketing. However, we’re keeping a steady course. A course that is based on our strengths: great initiative and organisation skills, and a business-focused, creative and open mindset. This is why we have immense respect for sharp intuition, bold ideas and the ability to think outside the box. Our ability to tie strategic trends and a business mindset to creativity makes us unique. Humanity and joy are important in all of this. We stick together and do cool things outside work as well. I believe that this is extremely important if you want to create and keep a strong team.” Heily Aavik, founder & CEO of La Ecwador

Meie väärtused

We like our chosen area and we share a passion for creativity, design, advertising, marketing and communication. This is the bright flame that unites us. The La Ecwador family. Every member of this family is like a ray of sunshine and together, we create emotions, warmth and sparkle. The sun is always shining in our house and the flame of passion for what we do is always burning bright.
We light and pave the way in our field of business. We’re the ones followed by the others. It’s important to always be on the move, have a clear goal in sight and not stand still. This is why we put the emphasis on being proactive and creative. We’re constantly looking for new ways of how to make ourselves and our work even more professional and valuable. We’re the ones who guide our clients towards success.
We ARE here to learn, gain new skills and grow with the agency. We give meaning to our activities and simplify our work processes. We take every day as a potential new lesson, which lifts us even higher. Every company aspires to grow and develop. We ARE a brilliant example of this principle.
Brand icon Reklaamiagentuuri maja Meriväljal

La Ecwador values independence and a working environment that is as stress-free as possible. Operating with all of our units under the roof of a private house has become one of the symbols of the agency over two decades. Our team comes up with fresh ideas away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and in the midst of a beautiful and inspiring landscape.

The agency’s new building Loomevälja, which is currently the most modern agency building in the region, was completed in 2020. In addition to the agency’s offices, the modern Art Deco building also offers various additional options that make everyday work and production resource-efficient in terms of time as well as costs.

A studio complex with a photo, video and sound studio is located at Loomevälja. The unique viewing room makes it possible to view audiovisual work with state of the art equipment. Loomevälja also has a special demo kitchen and café La We, which can be used for corporate events, strategy days, meetings and product presentations.