Design covers the creation of various printed matter on the basis of the existing design rules and corporate identity.

We design the following printed matter:

  • yearbooks – both printed and electronic versions;
  • design of magazines and newspapers, incl. mockups;
  • customer newsletters;
  • printed materials and leaflets in all formats;
  • advertising banners and posters;
  • POS materials;
  • calendars;
  • cards, invites;
  • business cards.

We always aim to do our design work as time-efficiently as possible. At first, we offer our help in concept development. Once the concept is ready, we will design the materials with photos and text. We can also help with taking photos, writing texts and proofreading if necessary.

The cost of the design depends on the level of preparation of the materials submitted by the customer and the frequency of the work. Design costs less in the case of monthly client newsletters where the layout has already been set whilst one-off publications of the same size are more expensive

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