Media strategy is prepared on the basis of an analysis of the market situation and the activities of competitors. We will prepare the strategic plan of the media campaign that proceeds from the goals of the company or the planned campaign, using the correct and efficient media channels identified with surveys.  We will carry out the campaigns online, in outdoor media, cinemas, public transport and printed media as well as on radio and TV.

Developing a strategy is one of the most important stages in planning a campaign. Correctly determined strategic activities help to ensure that we have selected the right target groups, a sufficient period, i.e. schedule, and the right channels for the campaign to succeed. By doing this, we guarantee to you that no unnecessary expenses are incurred in your marketing budget due to activities that don’t yield the expected results – the entire budget must always be planned as efficiently as possible.

Cooperation with the client is the most important factor in establishing the right activities, as you are the one who gives us the most needed and valuable information for the next steps. Together, we set the goals and the results that are expected from the campaign and the budget that must support their implementation.

Once these important points are in place, the media team will monitor the media activities of competitors and currently ongoing campaigns. We order the necessary surveys to determine which media the target group consumes at the given moment and which activities we can use to address them as efficiently as possible.

Next, we will select the media channels based on the survey results, prepare the correct campaign schedule and a detailed and efficient media plan for you.

The price of the development of a media campaign depends on the extent of the campaign – the scope of the surveys that must be ordered, the selection of channels, i.e. the quantity of media spaces, and the length of the campaign.

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