In addition to strategic media planning, it’s important that the advertising campaign stands out and attracts public attention. To this end, the media team cooperates with the other teams of the agency, which results in the development of innovative and prominent special solutions that can be planned for all media channels.

As a special solution, we offer you options of how to make media channels work smartly for your benefit and develop technical solutions that differ from the usual advertising solutions.

When we prepare special solutions, we consider the specific features of the advertised product or service and prepare an analysis to determine the channel in which the special solution could be implemented. We negotiate with channels, consult our partners about technical possibilities and order the solution if it’s suitable.

In addition to this, it’s important in the case of a special solution that the advertisement speaks to the right target group to attract more attention. In order to ensure that the final results of the solutions are cool and work in the channel chosen for the consumer, the media team cooperates with the agency team that helps create the agency’s message and implementation for the special solution.

The price depends primarily on the details. The price of each solution is generally different and depends on the materials and spaces used (e.g. the display spaces in shopping centres, protruding edges of outdoor media posters, etc.).

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