Campaign follow-up surveys are the most efficient tools of measuring the outcomes of advertising campaigns. At the end of a campaign, it’s important to prepare a summary of the activities of the campaign and link it to the customer’s feedback about the previously agreed results and goals. It’s important to specify how the activities of the campaign influenced the company’s business performance. Our media team gives feedback in the form of a campaign summary and follow-up.

When we order a survey, we set the questions to which we’d like to get answers – many important facts can be ascertained in the course of this. Some examples:

  • Did we get through to the target group enough?
  • How well was the advertisement remembered?
  • Did brand awareness increase?
  • Did the brand preferences of the target group change/become embedded?

Based on the final result of the survey, we can give the customer detailed feedback on the impact of the campaign and the channels in which it was noticed the most.

The price of the surveys depends on the size of the sample, the region, the number of questions, etc.

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