In today’s shopping environment, which is overflowing with products, packaging design is one of the most important aspects considered by consumers when they decide what to buy. The shelves are full of colourful and beautiful packaging whist the products inside are often quite similar in essence and composition. When you look at packaging, it must be clear what’s inside – a healthy organic product, a hearty meat product or an expensive wine. As we cannot stand next to shoppers when they decide what to buy, packaging is the thing that should tell them: “Put me in your basket!”

Good packaging design requires a lot of homework. We find out everything about the customer’s products as well as the products of competitors. We find everything that’s good or bad about the product, listen to the customer’s requests and production options, and taking all of this into consideration, we set ourselves the task to create packaging that works better than anything already on the market. In addition its appearance, packaging must be functional and innovative, so that consuming this product would be more convenient for the consumer than the products of competitors. As we have many contacts in the world of printing, we can also help you find the most optimal solution for printing packaging.

In addition to designing the new packaging, we can help you update your existing products. Good products have a long life, but packaging tends to become outdated after a while. The solution is to revamp the existing packaging. The product must still remain recognisable, but be competitive among the new products flooding the market.

We consider several aspects when determining the price of packaging design – is it a single product or a product range, are we updating existing packaging or creating a new one. We always try to find a solution that’s suitable for everyone.

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