TV commercials are one of the most effective advertising solutions that reaches the biggest target group – the message is received by a lot of people. The use of video and audio also make it one of the most emotional and colourful solutions, giving you the chance to communicate your messages in a memorable way and with feeling.

A TV commercial is also one of the most expensive advertising solutions in terms of production and media purchasing. This is why you should hire a professional team to make your commercial. Our work starts with the customer’s brief – we review the customer’s options and requests, and make our proposals. When making a TV commercial, you should also keep in mind that the budget of the commercial should not exceed your media planning budget – a good commercial is worth being shown a lot. We will present a couple of ideas to the customer, polish it and come up with the right story. We will ask you to approve the stylistics, casting and locations, voice samples and music before production – we’ll give you the storyboards and descriptions. We will include an external team for the production or do the entire production with a team created by ourselves.

A TV commercial may also be graphic or animated. A graphic solution may be the best for a TV commercial with a simpler sales message and it would also be cheaper than a filmed commercial. Animated commercials are certainly the favourites of the younger target group and make it possible to create completely new fictional worlds and characters.

Nowadays, commercials must not be meant for television at all. They can also be separately produced for social media or cinemas. They say that the bigger the screen, the better the commercial looks!

A good radio commercial is similar to a good TV commercial – it communicates the message in an emotional and interesting manner. Creating a good radio commercial is worth it, as people still listen to the radio a lot in Estonia. Also, the production and dissemination of radio commercials costs considerably less than advertising on TV. Radio is a fast channel, which makes it suitable for the communication of messages that require immediate action. However, to stand out in a block of radio commercials, your spot has to attract interest and catch the ear.

Certain rules apply to the writing and production of radio commercials, as they make the spot effective. It must be clear who the advertiser is, what product or service is being advertised, what the advertiser wants to say about it and what people have to do after hearing the commercial. Once we’ve agreed on all the important points, we must develop them into a creative, original and distinctive result.

We use our professional partners for the production of radio commercials and they help us to create regular as well as more special commercials. The voice that reads the commercial is very important, which is why we’ll offer you several voice samples at the start of the production process. Sound design is also important and there’s a lot of choice here as well – from interesting sound effects to music created specially for the commercial.

The price of the commercial is determined by several factors and the price of the idea for a spot depends on the complexity of the task. The production price is determined by the length of the spot, the number of voices used and the people whose voices are used, sound design and effects.

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