Every contemporary company needs a recognisable face and style in order to succeed. We help create a unique logo and visual identity for a new company or update those of an existing business. We propose various creative solutions, which help highlight the company’s essence and characteristics, and make it stand out in the crowd. In the case of a style guide, we make sure that your company has a convenient toolbox for the future, which sets out the rules of using the logo, its colours and graphics, and ensures the consistency and uniformity of all materials from business cards to digital channels.

It’s your tone of voice – your company’s spiritual guide and heartbeat. Everyone knows that a company must have a logo and some also know that the use of logos is subject to rules. This day and age, we cannot get by without a guide that outlines the image of your company or brand that exists in the heads of the target group. Every step in the daily life of the company, be it the way your secretary greets people to the invoices you submit for your services, represents a part of your branding. They’re all the puzzle pieces that form the image of your brand in the heads of the target group. We make branding your tool that you can use to manage the image that this brand creates in the eyes of the target group.

Your advertising language, which can be recognised in every advert, shop design or party invite, strengthens your brand. By building its brand piece by piece, a company can make the price of its brand rise higher than all of its employees, stockrooms or websites. For example, the estimated value of the Coca-Cola brand is 73.1 billion dollars. No cola factory costs that much, unless it’s made of gold! If you want your brand to be valuable and esteemed, and don’t have the money to build a factory of gold, you can use branding to increase the value of your brand.

It’s a process that involves talking and discussions at many meetings. The first ideas may be nothing more than thoughts that we can shape into a strong and viable brand together. We will help you establish your company’s image and adjust it for various target groups. We have a very precise understanding of the models of perception in society and can therefore suggest various ways of being what you want to be for your customers. Once the initial idea is in place, we will develop the brand values, then move on to brand carriers and, as agreed with you, we can also get down to advertising templates and voices for radio commercials.

Branding is a cooperation project the price of which is agreed in advance. We’ll add up our working hours, determine the necessary activities and reach a number that satisfies both parties.

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