Advertising campaign is one of the main tools of marketing. The opportunities offered by campaign communication are massive and our ideas also vary a lot. We proceed from the characteristics of your company’s brand and target group to stay firmly on course in this seemingly endless jungle. We also make your desired goal one of our focus points, whether it’s finding new customers, selling your product or service more efficiently to existing customers or raising brand awareness. Every activity must correspond to the company’s strategy, which is why we see strategy as something extremely important. We’ve been described as a strategic agency that can implement the company’s bigger and broader strategy also in simple marketing activities.

Our experience in the creation of campaigns is vast: from customers who need to be convinced that campaigns really increase sales to customers looking for something new in their campaign communication. Marketing is a company’s tool in tough competition and a campaign is one of the most powerful functions of this tool, which helps achieve your company’s goals. A campaign that doesn’t increase sales or serve another purpose is nothing but an expense. However, a campaign that achieves goals and increases the company’s turnover as necessary is an investment.

We take your company’s brand, product, service and target group into account when we prepare campaigns. Of course, we also consider everything else that is important at the time. We process the overall market situation, the specific field of business as well as the preferences and taboos of the target group. Based on this, we prepare a couple of solutions for the campaign and select the most suitable one with you. Then, we develop the materials of the campaign – possible visuals, commercials from storyboard to production and the strategy for placement of advertisements and use of various marketing channels. We go over everything again with you before the campaign is launched. After the end of the campaign, we prepare summaries where we also look forward to your feedback on your sales figures.

A campaign is a commercial action that must have benefits and really work like an investment as mentioned above. This is also the basis for the pricing of the development and organisation of a campaign. The objective of marketing is not marketing itself, but increasing a company’s turnover. This is why we regard every campaign and every company separately. We consider their turnover, business sector, competitors for the target group. We offer a reasonable budget and also forecast results. We also assess the performance of the campaign in various channels and thereby always find the right price. We also have a lot of respect for customers who have already prepared a budget by the time they contact the agency and know what they expect from the campaign or general marketing.

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