The creative strategy sets out the company’s pattern of behaviour in all channels, commercials and adverts. The company’s goals are the leading input here. The creative strategy also determines the overall attitude – how the company’s marketing comes across against the general background. Let’s give an example: an innovative company that deals with innovative gadgets should also use innovative messages in its marketing. However, a personal and unique private banking service should opt for a marketing approach that makes it look conservative, personal and expensive in a good way.

It’s important to give a uniform and complete message in all marketing communications. We’re the ones who see the big picture in marketing, but can also polish the minutest details to precision, so we can agree on all the timelines, bind them into a book and stick to them as well.

The CEO of the agency, team leaders and our media manager also attend the creative strategy meetings. The involvement of all areas of the agency is necessary here to ensure that the strategy is watertight and viable. Preparatory work, which all the key persons of the agency must do before the meetings, is also important. Competition analysis, brand mapping, marking the milestones in the company’s history and assessing the impact of the overall business landscape.

Creative strategy is a conscious and strategic approach, which the company takes into account in the development and implementation of measures aimed at ensuring and supporting growth in sales. It is a strategy for achieving one’s business goals.

In the case of creative strategy, we analyse the company’s current situation, business strategy and performance. We define and prepare our own vision of how to achieve your goals. We help you develop a creative marketing plan for the implementation of business plans.
We offer the following under the creative strategy service:

  • development of a business strategy;
  • development of a marketing strategy;
  • market analysis;
  • analysis of the competitive position;
  • overview of strategic opportunities;
  • market identification and segmentation;
  • preparation of business plans;
  • company performance management.

The creative strategy is also a small mantra for new marketing employees who, after reading the document, clearly understand how to act in the new company. A marketing strategy also helps save money, because this document prevents impulsive experiments along the lines of “this year, let’s try it like that” and the wind can only change in the right direction.

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