Digital Campaigns for Smartpost


Our role
Campaign / Digital

Objective: Playfully introduce Itella’s new services with digital campaigns

Task: Create various digital campaigns to inform Smartpost customers about new services

Background and Creative Solution:

Itella Smartpost is one of the most popular logistics companies in Estonia, offering a wide range of services to its customers. In the autumn and winter of 2022, we created four different digital campaigns for the company with distinct goals and content.

As a unique service provider, all Smartpost parcel lockers are located indoors, allowing easy delivery of temperature-sensitive packages. We developed a digital campaign with clever messages and thematic visuals that grab the potential customer’s attention and highlight Smartpost’s strong and unique selling proposition.

Digital campaign key visual

Every year during the holiday season, logistics companies face the same issue. Numerous parcels are ordered to parcel lockers, but customers do not pick them up immediately, leading to overload. We approached the problem from a new angle and created an awareness campaign in the style of a recruitment campaign, urging customers of Smartpost to take action as “parcel liberators.”

“Packages on the move and off to Europe!” That’s the kind of message inspired by a comedy sketch that served as the basis for the creative solution in our digital campaign. We invited people to take action and send packages to 27 European countries. The innovative service provided by Smartpost had several advantages over its competitors, which were highlighted in the visuals inspired by travel.

In January 2023, we created a digital campaign to inform about a novel package delivery option. Now, the parcels can be sent straight to the chosen address; the recipient doesn’t even have to take the parcel from the parcel locker. Instead, the courier will bring the parcel. In the creative solution, we integrated the service with various popular Estonian names to make it more personal, grab attention, and evoke a sense of familiarity and warmth within the target audience.

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