Building a Playful Campaign: Circle K’s Chili Challenge

Circle K

Our role
Campaign / Creative

How to build a playful campaign?

Task: Develop a playful campaign for Circle K’s chili challenge, including necessary materials and messages.

Background and Creative Solution:

Let’s spice things up! Circle K, considered one of the most appreciated fast-food stops in Estonia, launched its first campaign of the year, the chili challenge. This was a recurring campaign that had previously been successful and popular. Participants who accepted the challenge at the service stations had the opportunity to order a hot dog with one of three spicy sausages: habanero, Chorizo, or Tabasco.

Circle K playful campaign key visual.

The visitor only discovered the “surprise” of the spiciness once they took a bite of Circle K’s popular product, the hot dog. The playful campaign served multiple purposes. In addition to boosting sales of the classic hot dog, it also offered consumers an intriguing challenge and a dose of excitement.

We developed the entire necessary creative concept, designs for the gas stations and social media, and other important materials to capture the attention of the target audience. It was a significant challenge for our creative team as well!

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