Exclusive Business Gift


Our role
Branding / Packaging

Objective: Unforgettable business gift


Task: What is well-being? Our goal was to explore this concept, and the best way to do it was to create an exclusive business gift called “Hea Õlu” (Good Beer). In Estonian “Good beer” and “Wellness” sound pretty much the same.

Background and Creative Solution:

Stebby is a well-being platform offering more than 8,500 well-being services. Since well-being is a relatively new concept in Estonia, we believed it needed to exist beyond the confines of predefined boundaries.

Stebby Hea Õlu business gift

Thus, the idea emerged to create a business gift inspired by well-being: something that could be experienced firsthand. We partnered with A le Coq, whose product lineup included a refreshing and toning alcohol-free isotonic wheat beer, perfect for our project.

The “Hea Õlu” project had multiple goals: first, to create an association between Stebby and well-being; second, to reinforce the presence of well-being; and third, to bring attention to Stebby as a promoter of well-being through the business gift.


As part of the concept, we designed a special label for the “Hea Õlu” bottle, incorporating colors and design elements directly from Stebby’s visual identity. This ensured consistency with the rest of the brand while showcasing the bright and playful character of “Hea Õlu” with its eye-catching tones.

The social media strategy focused on targeting influencers and brand ambassadors with large followings and known for their active lifestyles. As a result, “Hea Õlu” reached approximately thirty popular influencers who kindly shared the special gift on their Instagram channels.

“Hea Õlu” reinforced the notion that Stebby is synonymous with well-being. Just as brewing beer marked the beginning of civilization and societal well-being, our “Hea Õlu” contributed to the same cause. Cheers!

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