“Bring Your Own Cup!” Circle K Product Campaign Awarded with Bronze Egg

Circle K

Our role

Objective: Encourage Circle K customers to use their own cups through a product campaign

Task: Create a pan-Baltic product campaign that encourages customers to purchase hot drinks in their own cups at Circle K. Additionally, the goal was to increase sales of thermoses and reduce the use of disposable cups.


Background and Creative Solution:

Approximately 120,000 disposable cups for hot beverages are used daily in Estonia alone, which cannot be recycled and have a devastating impact on the environment.

For years, Circle K has offered customers the opportunity to purchase hot drinks at a discounted price when using their own thermoses or cups. However, customers have not fully embraced this option.

We developed a large-scale product campaign that encouraged customers to buy hot drinks in their personal cups at the service station. Alongside promoting a more environmentally friendly approach, we also communicated a clear bonus to the target audience for purchasing hot drinks with their own cups: all self-cup users received a -50% discount on their hot beverages!

Circle K campaign Tassi oma tassi

To deliver the playful message, we utilized radio, social media, outdoor advertising, special solutions, and influencers, to whom we sent promotional packages.

As a result of the campaign, the purchase of hot drinks in personal cups doubled, thermos sales increased fourfold compared to the previous month, and we reached hundreds of thousands of unique fans on social media.

The “Tassi oma tassi!”  (Use Your Own Cup!) campaign received a Bronze Egg award in the large product campaign category at the 2023 Kuldmuna Advertising Awards Gala. Check out our other award-winning works from 2023 as well!

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