Awarded Rebranding to Create a More Value Based Brand Experience


Our role

Objective: Make Borealis a warmer brand through rebranding.

Task: Refresh the Borealis brand to better align with their industry and convey the brand’s values.

Background and Crative Solution:

Borealis sells massage chairs and massage equipment. The previous branding of Borealis was outdated and no longer reflected the essence of the company. Therefore, we transformed the Borealis brand to be warmer, more therapeutic, and more focused on well-being. During the rebranding, we incorporated a single element – the wave – which was inspired by the oscillating and soothing nature of massage products.

The work was also nominated in the Corporate Rebranding category of the 2023 Kuldmuna shortlist. Check out our other branding projects as well!

Borealis rebränding La Ecwador