Be Active 2023 TVC


Our role

Objective: a fun and memorable TVC to introduce and kick off Be Active 2023 Year


Produce a 1-minute TVC introducing the “Liikumisaasta 2023” (Be Active Year 2023) for the live broadcast of the “Spordiaasta tähed 2022” (Sports Year Stars 2022) gala.

Background and Solution:

The Ministry of Culture has been organizing theme years since 2000, and 2023 is designated as the Be Active Year. The goal of Be Active 2023 is to generate more interest in physical activity and healthier lifestyles in society, inspire and motivate people to move more, and thereby improve their health and quality of life. The primary focus is on sedentary individuals.

The proposal to produce a TVC introducing Movement Year 2023 reached us at the end of 2022, so we had to start working on it immediately with a significant workload and tight deadlines.We had precisely three weeks from receiving the brief to sending the TV clip to air, and this was during the busiest time for the agency, including the holiday season.

The title of the TVC became “Elame üksteisele kaasa!” (Let’s cheer each other on!), and the idea was to show couch potatoes that athletes are cheering for them. Let’s be honest, almost everyone wants to compete on a big stadium and win an Olympic gold medal. We wanted to inject that winning feeling into Estonian people—move more, your idols are cheering for you!

In addition, a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the making of the exciting TV clip was also produced.

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