Digital campaign to raise e-store awareness


Our role
Campaign / Digital

Client: Seesam


Task: Increase the popularity of the Seesam e-store and increase the sales of two products


Background and solution:

Our new client Seesam Kindlustus offers different insurance products for other target groups. They also have an active e-shop, the popularity of which has grown steadily but still needs to be reminded of its existence from time to time. Along with promoting the e-store, we also focused on two insurance products, i.e., home insurance and accident insurance, and created a digital campaign based on banners and in social meedia.

Seesam e-store digital campaign

Digital campaign was based on one simple but essential point. Namely, no one can be prepared for everyday surprises, but with the help of insurance, it is easier to deal with the consequences. That’s how we brought the most precious, i.e., home and loved ones, into the approach and reminded the target group that Seesam insurance helps to keep and protect them.

In the solution, we used photos from Seesam image bank, thanks to which we can maintain the previous line in the campaigns and continue with the familiar family-friendly approach.