Packaging design for Hatsapuri

Meie Gruusia

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Packaging / Print

Client: Meie Gruusia (Our Georgia)


Task: To design pizza boxes, paper bags and coffee cups for Hatsapuri, a subsidiary brand of Meie Gruusia restaurant for the overseas Finnish market.


Background and solution:

A popular Georgian restaurant in Estonia, Meie Gruusia, expanded to the Finnish market. As it wasn’t possible to use the same name in Finland, a subsidiary brand called Hatsapuri was thus created, named after the most popular dish of Meie Gruusia. New designs were therefore needed for the pizza boxes, coffee cups and paper bags.

The design of Hatsapuri’s packaging is inspired by the colourful Georgian culture and has a slightly rustic street food style.




The finished brand is somewhat like the main brand being is inspired from the Georgian cultural themes, which makes the brand easily recognisable from its competitors in the overseas Finnish market.