NÕO youth series packaging design

Nõo Lihatööstus

Our role

Client: Nõo Lihatööstus


Task: Create packaging design and concept for NÕO’s new youth series


Background and solution:

As an innovative meat producer, NÕO focused on the issue of youth health because one of the biggest problems in recent years is youth obesity and unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

As a solution, the product developers of Nõo Meat Factory developed a product line primarily aimed at young people within the framework of the Design Master Class of the EAS program and with the University of Tartu working group. The goal of the new product line was to offer healthier alternatives.

The product line includes four products, each of which we created packaging design with a distinctive style. All new muscle snacks are produced with green energy, which we also communicated on the packaging. We started with the trends and trends that speak primarily to young people and attract their attention. This project was unique because the actual result was finally approved by the young people involved in the process from the beginning.