Christmas Campaign for MATKaSPORT


Our role

Objective: christmas campaign for MATKaSPORT that is 50% focused on brand awareness and 50% focused on sales.

Background and Creative Solution:

Our new client, MATKaSPORT, tasked us with creating a Christmas campaign that would increase brand awareness for MATKaSPORT while also focusing on the biggest shopping season of the year.

The core idea of the campaign was to encourage people to spend time outdoors during the holidays, as outdoor activities are beneficial for both physical and mental health, and because MATKaSPORT as a brand is a leader in hiking and outdoor movement in Estonia. From this idea, the campaign message “Get ready for a Christmas hike!” was born, accompanied by the sales-oriented subheading “Essential equipment from MATKaSPORT.”

Matkasport christmas campaign key visual


The campaign centered around a landing page with a map where anyone could find a suitable hiking trail or the nearest MATKaSPORT store. Additionally, the campaign page featured popular products for winter hiking.

The campaign visuals were displayed on outdoor digital screens, indoor screens in shopping centers, and various digital banners that directed users straight to the campaign landing page upon clicking.

Matkasport christmas campaign wep page

As part of the Christmas campaign, we collaborated with several influencers across different channels. In collaboration with nature photographer Hans Markus Antson, we created a native advertising article titled “Nature Photographer Reveals the 6 Most Beautiful Hiking Trails for Christmas” for the Postimees web publication. The article was read over 6,200 times by more than 5,300 people.

In collaboration with family blogger Henry Jakobson, a blog post titled “Two Things That Ruin a Hike – Shivering and Sweating” was published on his blog “A mida Henry teeb?”.

On social media, we collaborated with Zenja Fokin, who selected stylish hiking gear from MATKaSPORT and showcased it in both Instagram stories and posts. Furthermore, MATKaSPORT’s long-term partner, adventurer Väino Laisaar, sent a Christmas greeting through YouTube.

Zenja Fokin's Instagram posts for Matkasport Christmas campaign

To achieve even broader coverage on social media, we filmed a fun video showcasing a family shopping trip at the MATKaSPORT store in Ülemiste shopping center and later hiking in the Pääsküla bog.

During the Christmas season, we sent MATKaSPORT customers a delightful Christmas card.

Matkasport Christmas campaign card