Lock it up! — Hansab’s campaign for deposit boxes


Our role

Klient: Hansab


Task: To develop a campaign for Hansab deposit boxes, and to introduce the Hansab brand to the B2C segment.


Background and solution: Over time, Hansab has expanded its service portfolio, recently adding a service that is somewhat unknown to Estonians: deposit boxes.

For this, we created a campaign that introduced both the brand and the service itself to the target audience. In order to cross the attention threshold, we created a campaign that was intense, emotional and impactful, taking into account the rhetoric brand is known for.

As the target audience was completely new to the company, who knew nothing about the brand or the service, we approached the campaign with smooth storytelling and humour.

In order to reach the customer directly, concretely and intriguingly, we created a message that, through advertising, put decision-making power and control in the hands of the service consumer, inviting them to store their valuables in Hansab’s lockers.

In addition to the outdoor campaign, the campaign was also broadcast on radio, direct mail to P.O boxes in the outskirts of Tallinn and social media.

The direct mail introduced Hansab’s safe deposit box service directly to the potential target audience, delivering it to their homes. To do this, we designed a foldable Hansab piggy bank-style direct mail, which reached more than 7,000 households.


For social media we created a campaign video with renowned bodybuilder, trainer and entrepreneur Ott Kiivikas, which brought Hansab’s service to the attention of around 150K people on social media.