Design and Layout of Welfare Development Plan 2023-2030

Ministry of Social Affairs

Our role

Objective: Make the Layout of Welfare Development Plan visually appealing

Task: Design and layout the Welfare Development Plan 2023-2030, create one-pagers on key topics, produce a summary video with sign language interpretation, and design a PowerPoint template for presenting the plan.

Background and Creative Solution:

The Welfare Development Plan 2023-2030 sets strategic goals for family, social, and labor policies for the coming years and outlines the necessary action directions to achieve them.

We designed the layout of Welfare Development Plan using the colors of the Estonian visual identity (CVI) and the Estonian brand font, Aino. In line with the created style, we also designed a special customizable PowerPoint template for presenting the plan and produced an animated video summarizing the key topics. The video includes sign language interpretation for the hearing-impaired.

You can find the Welfare Development Plan designed by us here.


Heaolu arengukava kujundus

Agentuuris olid töö autoriteks:

Projektijuht: Maiken Veskimäe

Disainer: Hanna Kastor

Video script: Siim Kokkota

Animaator ja monteerija: Urmas Salu