What are our clients saying about us?

Taavi Rehepapp_Saarionen OÜ_Turundusjuht
Taavi Rehepapp Head of Marketing for Saarionen OÜ

“We have carefully chosen La Ecwador as our agency because it was hugely important for us to find a strategic partner who dares and wants to take responsibility for the development of the brand with us. When planning campaigns, the business objectives of a company cannot be forgotten, so the balance between business-orientation and creativity have to be in balance. In addition the day-to-day communication and the team we work and create the foundation with are also of utmost importance.

As a result, we have carried out many highly successful marketing projects.

The creation of a new brand slogan for 2020, for example. To date, the new slogan has received a plethora of positive feedback and has been profitable for Mamma in all areas ever since. We are very proud of the pancake campaigns we created in collaboration with La Ecwador in 2019, which awarded us two silver medals and a gold medal in the Estonian annual competition “Best Meal”. In 2020, we also won the Best Ready Meal title and according to the Emor survey, we have been the most recognised brand in the ready meal category for 4 years in a row.

What we really appreciate is La Ecwador’s wholesome approach – we get all the advertising services we need from one place, so a lot of the work is being done in-house and the process is lightning quick. With business changes happening almost daily, having a professional agency willing to adapt and understand your needs is crucial. If an agency can also offer a broad portfolio of services, the easier it makes life for businesses and marketers. La Ecwador’s new office will certainly provide even more opportunities for the future.”

Madis Eesmaa Head of Marketing for Circle K

“As one of the best known brands in Estonia, our workload never stops. As our campaigns change frequently, we are constantly in need of innovative and original ideas. We have set expectations for the agency, and La Ecwador has delivered exactly as we have expected them to deliver.

Our everyday work processes are easy and straightforward: Circle K approaches La Ecwador with a brief, and the agency develops an idea, copy, visuals and proposals. We greatly appreciate that the ideas, messages and designs developed by La Ecwador have sprung into life everywhere we advertise, which have in turn have increased sales of our products and brand awareness throughout Estonia.

It is important for us to establish a dialogue with consumers to meet their needs and find the best solution that appeals to them and is aligned with the trends. We need to know exactly what the customer expects from us. Thanks to La Ecwador we have found this perspective and we’ve understood what the customer’s expectations are as we’ve responded to them through various activities and a constant dialogue. That’s why the customers want to come back to us again and again.”

Liina Kivimägi Aatrium AS turundusjuht
Liina Kivimägi Chief Executive Officer of Aatrium AS

“Working with La Ecwador always brings real results. Their business-oriented thinking helps to develop marketing solutions that benefit the company as a whole. In the creative field, we set common goals with the agency, have a mutual open communication and that makes us understand each other very well. This all stems from the fact that La Ecwador has a pleasant and professional team that always meets deadlines and is able to offer all services from one go – from the development of creative solutions to production and everything that goes with it.”

Klient Anu Ojase
Anu Ojase Brand Manager for Liviko AS

“We’ve always been extremely happy with La Ecwador – we’ve done creative and successful projects which have delivered results we’ve been expecting and beyond.
The secret of our cooperation comes down to communication, trust, promptness and the courage to implement innovative ideas. Over the years we have achieved many great things – we have given new visual life to some of our brands, appealed to the consumer and been so prominent that the changes we’ve brought to the brands’ have been a great success.”

Klient Tõnu Lemsaar Koduekstra OÜ Tegevjuht
Tõnu Lemsaar Chief Executive Officer for Koduekstra OÜ

“In collaboration with La Ecwador, we have run several seasonal campaigns in Koduekstra. Seasonal promotions are extremely important to Koduekstra’s business, generating two thirds of the company’s turnover. The mere presence of merchandise in stores is not enough to get the message across to target audiences. Thoughtful, targeted, engaging and eye-catching marketing communications and promotional language are needed in order to succeed. Working with La Ecwador has brought all of the above neatly into focus and our promotional language has achieved the absolute par. Throughout our cooperation, we’ve gradually handed over some of our marketing activities to La Ecwador. This has paid off and has allowed us to concentrate much more on our core business. It is definitely a win-win solution, where all sides can focus on what they do best which has delivered desired results.

We were pleasantly surprised last July when Koduekstra was chosen by the Estonian Post, now known as Omniva as the best direct mail solution. The idea came to fruition from years of experience with our beloved team. The campaign combined various summer and storage season offers, spiced up with practical cooking, table-cloths and home furnishing offers and discounts. The campaign design was closely knitted and created in collaboration with La Ecwador. With a focus on seasonal offers and a clear, clean and structured promotional language. The campaign proved to be very successful indeed, because in addition to the promotional language, it was supported by good timing and a very generous harvest of berries and mushrooms provided by nature, which drove sales of preserved products through the roof.

What we value most working with La Ecwador is a shared understanding, a sense of drive and purpose and the methods we use to achieve them. For an advertising agency, the ability to generate new and innovative ideas in advertising solutions also counts a lot, as advertising needs to stand out, attract attention and build reputation. Doing it the way others do it is at best a way to come second, never first. Open and effective communication is also a very important factor in collaboration. Every collaboration will have its ups and downs, but it is important to keep communication open. It is communication errors that cause most problems. With La Ecwador, we have worked very well together and have had a lot of wow moments seeing creative, clever and innovative advertising solutions in both designs and TV commercials. Whenever misunderstandings have arisen, we have been able to quickly get together around the table, openly discuss concerns and find solutions. All in all, working with La Ecwador has taken our advertising language to a whole new level and we have received a lot of praise from our clients and partners alike.”

Andrija Arro Rimi turundusjuht
Andrija Arro Head of Marketing for Rimi Eesti AS

“Together we’ve been working together since 2018. Since then, we have created exciting healthy eating campaigns, particularly targeted at families with children. The ‘Rimi Recipe Masterclass’ project has been running for several years, and more recent collaborations such as the ‘Be a role model’ project has helped to enrich children’s menus through innovative angles.

For us, the agency’s ability to provide a full service, from idea to execution, has been a great help. The greatest value is the ability to create creative and innovative concepts that suit us and appeal to exactly the right target group. Every project we’ve done we’ve felt extreme friendliness, helpfulness and involvement of the La Ecwador team”.

Esme Kassak Head of Marketing and Communications for NGO Re-use Centre

“La Ecwador helped us to see things from a new angle when we created the ‘Donate for another round’ campaign. In a situation where we had used our slogan for 11 years, a strong and a strategic partner was very important in introducing a new message and realising the ideas around it. We really liked the way the agency was able to bring all the ideas together and support their implementation.

As we involved well-known people in the communications campaign, the feedback we received for the new message and campaign itself was very positive. People resonated with the campaign immediately, as they recognized the need and necessity behind it.

Also we received feedback on the campaign visuals from our media partner JCDecaux, who commented that our campaign has been noticed, highlighted and well-received. The campaign certainly played an important role in terms of highly increased new user activity.

We really liked the fact that the agency gave us a free hand where we had the expertise and resources and came to our aid where we lacked people or experience. We acted as equal partners and complemented each other. Things that needed to be done quickly got done on time and we kept everything on the timetable we had agreed.”

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